The key factor in the project is a firm grounding in real scientific facts and knowledge played out in an imaginative and exciting game world. As a result of close interactions with the scientific community, the game provides the most accurate three dimensional view of the nanoworld ever produced, which will help shift public opinion away from nano submarines and robots to a more realistic view of nanotechnologies.

Utilising our innovative and entertaining method of game-based learning we’re making nanotechnology relevant, interesting and engaging, with game quality akin to current PlayStation 2 and Xbox titles, meeting young people’s expectations of console quality gaming. Our high quality, interactive 3D environments feature stunning visual effects as well as realistic physics simulated for the quantum and macro world.

The game has three modes of play, including arcade, story and classroom modes. The classroom mode includes support for teachers to ensure it can be used to maximum effect. An accompanying website including teacher’s notes and student hand-outs covering each concept behind the challenges presented in the game, as well as background information and links to other resources are also provided.