The human body is very sensitive to anything that it sees as a foreign body and deals with them very efficiently. One of the key applications of nanotechnologies is the ability mask these compounds from the immune system, often by encapsulating them in a benign carrier such as a liposome or vesicle in order to deliver compounds to the site where they are needed without the immune system or the body’s other defense mechanisms neutralizing or altering the compound.

NanoMedicine V1 Screen Shots

Screen shots from the Nanomedicine challenge demo.

NanoMedicine V1 Learning Objectives

These are the outlines of the Learning objectives covered in the Nanomedicine demo.

1. Dispelling the myth of small mechanical robots in the body.
2. Learning from nature when designing nanomedicine.
3. Being inside the human body.
4. How nanomedicine may be used to cure cancer.

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NanoMedicine V1 Videos

Videos from the Nanomedicine challenge demo – hosted on YouTube.
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Introduction to NanoMedicine Challenge – as captured from the Demo!

Inside the bloodstream with a Vesicle loaded with anti-cancer molecules.
As captured from the Demo!

Inside the bloodstream in a NanoRobot!! Just like in real life, introduce a foreign metallic object into the blood and pretty quickly any passing anti-protein will get stuck to it, sooner or later it is completely immobile, engulfed by white blood cells and expelled from the body.


NanoMedicine V1 How to Play


Manoeveur the vesicle through the bloodstream to the site of the cancer, whilst avoiding collision with particles.
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