NanoMission Modules

NanoMedicine V2 Module :

This module enables you to get a better understanding of the processes involved in creating nanomedicine. You assume the role of a biomedical scientist aiming to cure cancer through observation and experimentation by building nanoscopic particles and measuring their effects on the patient at the cellular level.

NanoImaging Module :

Dr Neevil has created genetically modified algae which is manifesting in huge blooms turning lakes red, toxic and fatal to humans and animals. Your mission is to identify this micro-organism so in-order to develop a counter measure and save the world.


Learning Scale Module :

NanoMission scaling module enables you to visualise and understand the spatial relationships between objects at scales from the pico-meters through nano-meters all the way up to giga-meters. 

NanoMedicine V1 Module :

Join Dr Goodlove and Lisa in the demo of the first module, nanomedicine, select a suitable vehicle to deliver an anti cancer compound, and then navigate through the bloodstream to the site of the tumour, avoiding the body’s natural defence mechanisms