Who’s involved?

NanoMission is being developed by PlayGen, London’s premier game based learning development studio, to ensure its success with the nanotechnology community, we have partnered with Cientifica, a global nanotechnology consultancy.

We are developing science-based action-adventure games because we believe today’s gaming technology has a far greater role to play in society, especially in promoting learning and understanding the world around us.

As a non-profit venture we are working with a wide range of partners who share our commitment to demonstrating that science can be challenging and fun.

Scientific Advisory Boards

The game is being developed with the support of a Scientific Advisory Board to ensure that content is firmly rooted in real science.

Professor Mark Welland FRS, FREng, is the Professor of Nanotechnology, Director of the IRC in Nanotechnology and Director of the Nanoscience at the University of Cambridge.

Professor Richard Jones FRS, is a Professor of Physics at the University of Sheffield, the author of the book Soft Machines and a frequent writer on nanotechnology.

Professor Kostas Kostarelos FRSM, is the Chair of NanoMedicine and Deputy Head for the Centre for Drug Delivery Research of University of London.

Dr Wolfgang Luther, head of nanotechnologies at VDI The Association of German Engineers, a non-profit organization of 126,000 engineers and natural scientists and author of numerous VDI and EU reports on nanotechnology.

We are currently recruiting an Educational Advisory Board to ensure that the game meets the highest education standards – if you are a science teacher and would like to get involved please get in touch via registration form.

Similarly if you represent a school and would like to participate in the beta testing program, please fill in the school registration form.